Scrum Values

The Scrum guide has had a makeover. Well it has had a small but powerful addition – values.

Scrum values have been around for a while. They are now officially part of the Scrum Guide following on from an overwhelming demand to add these.

Here is a quick run through of what these are:

Commitment – People personally commit to achieving the goals of the Scrum Team

Courage – The Scrum Team members have courage to do the right thing and work on tough problems

Focus – Everyone focuses on the work of the Sprint and the goals of the Scrum Team

Openness – The Scrum Team and its stakeholders agree to be open about all the work and the challenges with performing the work

Respect – Scrum Team members respect each other to be capable, independent people

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 09.53.44

This is a good opportunity to reflect on how we are doing with these at Spotlight. Please take a couple of minutes to fill in a quick form here.
To read the whole scrum guide, please click here.

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